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Application deadline has been extended until Friday, 29th October (midnight)

Holistic Approaches towards Meaningful Urban Renewal

Within the cooperation between Cultural Centre of Belgrade, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Österreichisches Kulturforum Belgrad and BINA (Belgrade International Architecture Week), Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade is organising a workshop during the winter semester 2021/2012.


Main theme of the Workshop

The workshop is integral part of the The Good Urban Life Panel which will be held on 5th of November at Cultural Centre of Belgrade – Artget Gallery, and 6th November at University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture. At the panel, the good urban life will be discussed by the diverse speakers and participants, coming from different areas of expertise and urban life (architecture, urbanity, sustainability, culture, art, gastronomy, music and nightlife, sport and recreation, smart technologies, digital media…). More information about the event will soon be available at KCB, AF, BINA and Österreichisches Kulturforum Belgrad websites.

The Good urban Life Panel and Workshop continues the research and discussion started within COST RESTORE ACTION – REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy (EU-funded Pan-European project and network). The first Good Urban Life Training School took place in Vienna in September 2020. It examined possibilities, through holistic and scale jump approaches of urban renewal addressing the site-specific area of Brigittaplatz/Hannovermarkt in 20th Viennese District.

The Panel, as well as Workshop, aims at discussing, questioning and connecting all the dots, aspects and parameters that make the good urban life – contemporary living that is stimulating, thriving, content rich and healthy. Panel is promoting multidisciplinary and holistic approach to questioning and conceptualising urban environments, their elements and essence, which add values to quality of life. It also promotes planning of urban areas as spaces and places „good“ for the people, but not only for the people, for the environment and nature as well, as human-nature-built environment is a symbiotic triangle in which all elements should thrive. Although the panel topic is focused on urban life and environments, or exactly because of that, special attention will be given to discussing the relations between humans and elements of nature within urban tissue. The panel will highlight potentials of biophilic design, discussing its principles and attributes, as well as use of NBS – Nature Based Solutions in urban sites and tissue. At the panel, solutions that are celebrating the richness of architectural practice and the exuberance of the good urban life will be examined, discussed and dissected into elements. Parameters that make good urban life will be analysed and noted within The Good Urban Life Vocabulary, Moodboards and Solutions.

The Workshop will rely its program on methodologies established in Vienna in September 2020. Belgrade Edition of this Workshop will take things further, adapting the program to the specific environment of Belgrade and experimenting with new parameters, expanding more towards cultural, social and artistic aspects, curated by architectural narratives. Students’ work will focus on selected urban sites of Belgrade, on which, besides presenting renewal projects and strategies, students will create narratives and moodboards that will map their approach.

Workshop flow:

  1. Intro to The Good Urban Life (2nd November 2021)

Presentation of the Workshop and Introductory Lectures (main topic, aim of the workshop, methodology and expected results). Walk to the two selected urban sites. Discussion.


  1. Work on Students Projects (3rd and 4th November 2021)

Students’ groups work on their projects (moodboards + urban interventions). Consultations. Sending projects to print.


  1. Panel Day “The Good Urban Life” Cultural Centre of Belgrade – Artget Gallery (5th November 2021)

Students attending Panel Day at KCB. Lectures. Round Table Discussion. More info soon available at the websites of the organizers.


  1. Panel Day “The Good Urban Life” University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture (6th November 2021)

Exhibition and Discussion on Students’ Groups Projects. Closing of the Panel.

All interested students should apply by sending one page application (text: one paragraph on their approach to the topic + one visual: personal good urban life moodboard) by Wednesday 27th (midnight) to the email More detailed information about the Workshop students will receive at the Introductory Lectures on the first day of the Workshop.

Application is open to students of Master Academic and IASA studies. All students participating in the Workshop are eligible to apply for extra-curricular credits. Number of students participating is limited to 16.

Workshop will be held in english language.

Concept of the Panel and the Workshop


Jelena Brajković (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture )

David Calas (Studio Calas Vienna, GIU Berlin)


Program and Organisation

Jelena Brajković (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)

David Calas (Studio Calas Vienna, GIU Berlin)

Danica Jovović Prodanović (Cultural Centre of Belgrade, BINA)

Vladimir Lojanica (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)


Realisation of the Workshop

Jelena Brajković (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)

David Calas (Studio Calas Vienna, GIU Berlin)

Emanuele Naboni (Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation, Univeristy of Parma)

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