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Izložba “O arhitekturi: Skala dizajna od mikro do makro” gostovaće u Galeriji DaNS, na adresi Svetozara Miletića 20 u Novom Sadu.

Otvaranje izložbe i prezentacija radova će biti održana u:
četvrtak, 23. februara u 18 časova, a izložba će trajati do 10. marta 2017. godine.

Program otvaranja

Moderator: Slobodan Jović, DaNS
Pozdravna reč: Ružica Bogdanović, STRAND

Prezentacija radova:
Tatajana Stratimirović & Neoarhitekti
Biljana Pavlović
Snežana Zlatković & Anđela Karabašević
Kristijan Suau, Studio POP *Škotska [putem Skype-a] Nora Lefa *Grčka
Vladimir Anđelković & Dijana Adžemović Anđelković, a2arhitektura
Bojan Tepavčević, Vesna Stojaković & Digital Design Center
Darko Reba, Marina Carević
Milica Stojšić

Trajanje svake prezentacije je oko 15 minuta. Zbog ograničenog prostora galerije deo radova će biti izložen na panoima, a deo u elektronskoj verziji.


O izložbi

Izložba je održana od 1. do 15. decembra 2016. godine u Galeriji nauke i tehnike SANU, u organizaciji STRAND asocijacije, uz podršku Inženjerske komore Srbije i ECTP evropske asocijacije planera. Izložba je integralni deo konferencije sa istoimenim temama, čiji je cilj da promoviše kvalitetan dizajn u skali mikro – makro koji unapređuje život stanovnika grada ali i posetioca, kao privlačno mesto za život.

Kreirati kvalitetan dizajn, koji je značajan i za individualni život stanovnika u mikro skali značenja – nameštaj, kuća – enterijer i eksterijer , okruženje, ali i dizajn u široj makro skali koji ističe prednosti grada i potencijala za atraktivnije poslovanje, kvalifikovanu radnu snagu, privlačenje studenata, turističkog potencijala i događaja šireg značaja, rečju uzbudljiv vibrantan grad, koji nudi saznanja o novim trendovima u umetnosti, muzici i dizajnu.

U izložbi i konferenciji su učestvovali istraživači i profesionalci iz oblasti arhitekture, enterijera, dizajna, umetnosti, tehnologije, fotografije. Međunarodni žiri je vrednovao radove i dodelio nagrade.

Predsednik Žirija:
Prof. Stanko Gaković, The Art Institute of Houston, SAD

Članovi Žirija:
– Prof. Rachel Armstrong, Departman eksperimentalne arhitekture, Univerzitet Njukasl, Engleska
– Prof. Branko Kolarević, Fakultet za održivi dizajn, Univerzitet Kalgari, Kanada
– Dr Carmelo Zappulla, External Reference Architects, Barselona, Španija
– Arh. Wilfried van Winden, WAM architecten, Delft, Holandija
– Prof. Elif Ayiter, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turska
– Prof Dr Anastasios Tellios, Departman Arhitektura, Aritotel Univerzitet, Solun, Grčka

Celokupno obrazloženje Žirija objavljeno je na adresi: www.strand.rs/micromacro/exhibition.html

Fotografije izložbe pogledajte na adresi: www.flickr.com/photos/strandstrand/albums

Povezani tekstovi:
Konkurs: takmičarska izložba “Skala dizajna – Od Mikro do Makro”
Konferencija i izložba: O arhitekturi: Skala dizajna – Od Mikro do Makro
Konferencija i izložba: O arhitekturi – Obnoviti gradove obnovom arhitekture
Konferencija i izložba: ON ARCHITECTURE – REWORKING

Nagrada ”Mikro Makro” dodeljena je studiju ”Neoarhitekti” i projektu ”Weekend House with Swimming Pool” (autori Snežana Vesnić, Tatjana Stratimirović, Vladimir Milenković, saradnik Boris Ševo, vizuelizacija Željko Petković). Rad je prijavljen u kategoriji Arhitektura i enterijer.

Obrazloženje žirija (u originalu na engleskom jeziku):
This project exemplifies a new vision of residential architecture for the natural environment. Unlike most contemporary structures, the work succeeds at being nonintrusive to the surrounding environment. The interior provides for comfortable stays inside well planned rooms, while the outside fascinates with a simplicity of forms, — finished with materials appropriate to the natural setting. The impressively restrained and planar house structure is counterbalanced with a semicircular rounded wall at the second level, providing a dose of extravagance to this hardly visible building. Its impeccable, ageless elegance is far from the overstated aesthetics of proliferating current media. The concept of a partly in-ground contained home exhibits an ecological awareness and the related efficiency that transpires from it. The convincing and well-designed presentation materials serve to strengthen a successful project.


Weekend House with Swimming Pool, Studio Neoarhitekti

Priznanje u kategoriji Dizajn nameštaja dodeljeno je radu “Linething Lamp”, studiju “A2arhitektura” (autori Dijana Adžemović Anđelković i Vladimir Anđelković, saradnici Aleksandar Bogojević i Ranko Pavlović).

Obrazloženje žirija (u originalu na engleskom jeziku):
While abstracting the typical lamp object that we know, this design is opposed to heavy materiality. Its shape is based on cubic geometry, smartly stripped-down to mere contours of the original volumetric concept. The consistent restraint of formal minimalism does not jeopardize usability of this beautiful luminaire. On the contrary, while its stylish modernism convincingly merges form and function, the lamp allows a number of purposes, depending on the place of installation. The rubberized coating of the slender tube frame adds a sophisticated touch – a finish that makes the handling of the lamp more comfortable and certainly more ergonomic. A demonstrated design rigor employing a minimum quantity of used materials, along with the possibility of recyclable components and energy efficient LED bulbs all ensure that the Linething Lamp is an ecologically friendly product.


Linething Lamp, Studio A2arhitektura

Priznanje u kategoriji Urbani dizajn dodeljeno je radu “From Path to Strategy”, autor Biljana Pavlović.

Obrazloženje žirija (u originalu na engleskom jeziku):
The project shows a clever way to use infrastructure for urban improvement in all scales. The core concept that uncovers the potential for area improvements is focused on canal system between rivers Danube and Tisa, while ensuring the water purification by a ”Wetland” method. The wetland ecology approach in ensuring water safety and water quality gives this project a strong sustainability character. The work shows clearly inspiration from Fredrick Law Olmsted’s Promenade design for Boston and more contemporary projects like the Promenade Plantée in Paris or the Highline in New York yet it is rooted in the local history and heritage, preserving existing family housing including even illegal buildings. The proposed new public space will create an enriching experience for the adjacent neighborhoods. Their monotony will be replaced with meaning; the promenade will accommodate a cycle and pedestrian path, new playgrounds, social activity areas and new landmarks. It will improve the social sustainability and quality of life.


From Path to Strategy, autor Biljana Pavlović

Priznanje u kategoriji Novi mediji dodeljeno je radu “Micro Macro Atmospheres”, autori Snežana Zlatković i Anđela Karabašević.

Obrazloženje žirija (u originalu na engleskom jeziku):
This work is an attempt to capture and visually interpret the atmosphere, or micro climate, in an architectural interior, despite being invisible to users of the space and understated in design process. In an example of a Hammam, or Turkish bath, the authors of the project are demonstrating a possible diagramming of abundant hot air flow and heat transfer occurring inside this type of public facility. The effect of hot air flow as experienced by the human body is an important factor in overall spatial understanding in addition to the other haptic experiences. The significance of this work is in the recognition that some invisible components of spatial perception should be placed into the overall design equation. The work manages to bring together an abstract yet direct assemblage of geometry, technology, and sensitivity, thus making it totally relevant to contemporary discussions about architecture.


Micro Macro Atmospheres, autori Snežana Zlatković i Anđela Karabašević

Specijalno priznanje u kategoriji Umetnost i arhitektura, dodeljeno je radu “Nostalgija”, video instalacija, autor Nora Lefa [Grčka].

Obrazloženje žirija (u originalu na engleskom jeziku):
Project Nostalgija presents author’s memories and feelings about her lost city she had to leave due to the war. The city of her memories and her times of residence changed dramatically — it has been transformed into a different environment, so she is preserving her recollections using constructs in virtual reality. The remembered cityscapes are highly stylized, yet interpreted very emotionally with artistic process that includes images, sounds, music, poetry, and video walk-through. All this rich contents makes one acutely aware of the created virtual environment. Media technology is creatively used to immerse the observer into virtual city space that resembles reality only in a limited measure, thus allowing an individual interpretation of artwork, based on personal experience.

Nostalgija, video instalacija, autor Nora Lefa

Pohvala u kategoriji Urbani dizajn dodeljena je radu “Cubos de Salitre”, autori Cristian Suau i Laura Petruskeviciute, STUDIO POP [Škotska].

Obrazloženje žirija (u originalu na engleskom jeziku):
Its optical and esthetic effect plays with ‘nearby’ and ‘faraway’ or micro and macro; and its cubes made of mesh – corroded iron – make a poetical link to the local history.


Cubos de Salitre, autori Cristian Suau i Laura Petruskeviciute, STUDIO POP