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BCD Combolution (Bimanual Combo Drawing) 
FUKUSHIMA Biennale 2012 “SORA” | © Dr Eiichi Tosaki

Позивамо све заинтересоване на предавање: “Теорија визуелног ритма: феноменолошки приступ (Theory of visual rhythm: Phenomenological approach)” – Др Еичи Тосаки (Dr Eiichi Tosaki) са Универзитета у Мелбурну, Аустралија (Phds Art and Design, Monash University and Philosophy Melbourne University).

Предавање ће се одржати у четвртак, 15. марта 2018. године, у 19.00 часова, у сали 254 Архитектонског факултета у Београду, у оквиру предмета МАСА-АК 24021: Мастер теза.




Dr Eiichi Tosaki is an artist, art historian, and philosopher. Born in Osaka, Japan. Moved to Australia in 1996. He has developed Bimanual Coordination Drawing (BCD: http://bimanualdrawing.wordpress.com/) for 30 years. He has lectured widely on art history, art theory, philosophy, religion, Japanese culture and practical art. He has published on art history, philosophy, and Japanese culture in Australia and the US. His book “Mondrian’s Philosophy of Visual Rhythm – Phenomenology, Wittgenstein, and Eastern thought” was published by Springer in 2014. He has exhibited and collaborated internationally with artists, musicians, and computer programmers.

BCD (Bimanual Combo Drawing) is a series/method of asymmetrical compositional rhythmic drawings, using both hands simultaneously. BCD uses structure or composition itself as an engine of making shapes and a creative generator.

The aim is to generate a variety of ‘composition’ according to the number of strokes/beats which comprise each composition. These are interpreted as forms of rhythmic structure. This approach to drawing produces non-figurative (non-iconic) art work, pursuing the musical condition of visuality through the concept of ‘rhythm as composition’ (or schema).


Bimannual Coordination Drawing: Eiichi Tosaki & Steve Adams

2016: Eiichi Tosaki PhD Examination Show, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2015: One man show, Bar Oussou, Melbourne, Australia.
Group show, “Perpetuum Mobile”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2014: One man show, ETCH Gallery, Geelong, Australia.
Group show, “Wild Places” (the exhibition catalogue: ISBN 978-0-9925174-0-3), Motor Works Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

2013: Tokyo Experimental Festival (selected): “BCD Sound Performance”, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan.
Invited exhibition, one man show (collaboration with Mr Kaoru Shindo: Cheaf programmer of Super Mario and others at Nintendo Co.), World Congress on Communication and Arts Conference, Deakin University Waterfront Campus and Courthouse Art, Geelong, Australia.

2012: Fukushima Biennale 2012 “Sora: The Sky”,

2011: The On the Wall Dance Film Series, ada Studio (Uferstrasse 23, Berlin, Germany), SEAM International Conference [Sydney], “Movements in and out of Time” BCD video presentation collaborated with Prof. Rebecca Bryant & Dr. Don Nichols (USA) Dr. Reiko Manabe (Japan). Also has been shown across the US: at Denison University (Ohio), Southeast Missouri State University (Missouri), San Diego State University (California), and Texas A&M University (Texas).

2009: Odradek, art & music performing exhibition, with Steve Adam (music composer), Faculty Gallery, Monash University.
2008 Drawing Works, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, Melbourne
2008 One man show at Swinburne TAFE Knox City Art Gallery
2006 Drawing International Conference, Faculty Gallery, Monash University

2006 BCD Collective (bimanual drawing and music composition) Australia Council
1998 Getty Institute research grant

2016 2nd PhD in Drawing (conferred with minor amendments), Dep. of Art & Design, Monash University, Australia.
2003 PhD (conferred without further amendments) in Art History and Philosophy (double degree) from Melbourne University, Australia.
1988-90 Post-graduate Researcher (Kenkyusei) in Art History at Osaka University.
1976-80 Studied drawing and oil painting at Nakanoshima Art College (Osaka), Koenji Form Painting Research Institute (Tokyo), personally studied under Tatsuoki Nambata.