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Guest Lecture Program 2013/14

14th November 2013

Laureates and Candidates
Aristide Antonas

Architect and writer, Associate Professor, University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture, Greece
Founder of Antonas office, Athens


The rule and the cell

An introduction to two series of projects of the Antonas Office; the first part concerns the projects that are done mostly in Athens under the title of Urban Protocols: micro legislative interventions and urban apparatuses are proposed as formed sets of rules that may function in an abandoned city center. The second part is related to a number of projects that investigate the minimum dwelling and the difference that can be detected in the concept of withdrawal today.

Aristide Antonas, the Greek architect and writer, holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Paris X. Based in Athens and Berlin, he is principal at the Antonas office that functions mostly as a research studio, nominee for a Mies Van der Rohe award, 2009 and for a Iakov Chernikov Prize, 2011. He exhibited his work in the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Sao Paolo Biennale of Architecture, Barcelona Landscape Biennial, Gyumri Art Biennial in Armenia, Athens Biennial, Prague’sTranzit Display, Istanbul Design Biennial, The New Museum in New York. Aristide has taught, amongst other places, at the Bartlett UCL, the Architectural Association, the University of Cyprus, Frei U Berlin, the National Technical University of Athens and he is directing the post graduate program at the University of Thessaly. Most of his theoretical texts appear in various sites on the Internet while his literature is published in Greek and three of his theatre scripts were performed in French and one in Greek.

Place and time

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture
School Amphitheater

14th November 2013 at 18.00 h