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The success of teaching assistants and researchers from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade at the urban-architecture competition for the ground design of the Square of the Holy Trinity in Sombor, Serbia

Four members of the teaching and research staff of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade – Asst. Dr. Branislav Antonić, Asst. Aleksandar Grujičić, Asst. Đorđe Mitrović and Nikola Mitrović, junior researcher – participated as an author team and took the second place in an open public Design Competition: An Urban-Architectural Competition for the Creation of a Conceptual solution for the Ground Design of the Square of the Trinity Square in Sombor, Serbia. The competition lasted from April 28 to June 26, 2023, and thematically covered all the urban elements of the project of the mentioned square in the historic core of Sombor with pavement, horticulture, and traffic solutions, as well as accompanying research work, where the creative idea and solution of the square were explained based on the analysis of its current state.

slika 1

Figure 1: The author team in front of the billboard of the competition design solution at the outdoor exhibition in Sombor, Serbia

The author team from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade proposed a design solution called “Sombor City Scene”, which would preserve the manifestation character of Square of the Holy Trinity while modernising it and better spatially and functionally connecting it with the surrounding urban fabric.

Figure 2: The site plan of the Square of the Holy Trinity in Sombor
slika 3
Figure 3: 3D views of the approach to the Square of the Holy Trinity in Sombor

All prize-winning authors were invited to Sombor on August 22, 2023, to a formal reception in Županija (the County building). The mayor of Sombor, Antonio Ratković, personally presented them with prizes in this reception.

slika 4

Figure 4: Presentation of the prize for the 2nd place in the urban-architecture competition by the mayor of Sombor in the Županija Building

All those present at the reception walked together to the city pedestrian zone after it, where the competition works were additionally displayed on billboards so that Sombor citizens could get to know them.

slika 5
Figure 5: The billboard exhibition of all the competition works in the pedestrian zone of Sombor, Serbia