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The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture comprises 4 departments: Department of Architecture (A), Department of Urbanism (U),  Department of Architectural Technologies (AT) and Department of History and Theory of Architecture and Art.
A department serves to organize a study program in one scientific-educational or artistic-educational field within relevant areas. Each department may, in cooperation with other departments, participate in classes in other scientific-educational or artistic-educational fields.


The Computer Laboratory is intended for teaching, teaching – scientific and expert activities of the Faculty. The Computer Laboratory (CL) may be used by all staff and students within undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programmes. This space is also used for other forms of educational activities – training courses, advanced training, seminars and other.

Administration of computer network includes design, installation, configuration, administration and problem solving while working on network systems, and complete planning and implementation of IT infrastructure.

Technical Support provides technical support services in teaching process and the work of all services of the Faculty. It comprises the space accommodating technical equipment necessary for teaching, as well as for functioning of all organizational units of the Faculty. Workshop provides maintenance and repair of complete computer equipment the Faculty has its disposal.


INFORMATION-DOCUMENTATION CENTER (INDOC) comprises: Library, Library of Old and Rare Books and Multimedia Library.

The Library is intended for users, that is: students, teachers, other participants in teaching and non-teaching staff.  The Library follows the course of teaching and organizes the management of its holdings, which is associated with cataloguing and lending. It provides information about its work and the holdings which it owns both in print and digital form. The Library also has a reading room for students of the Faculty.

The Library of Old and Rare Books provides users with access to old and rare books within its holdings. It allows users to access and search the library holdings, periodicals and non-literary holdings (manuscripts, maps with pictorial material, original drawings, cartographical material, digital publications, etc.) which are in its holdings according to the Rulebook of the Library of Old Books (LOB), makes popular old and rare literary holdings,  periodicals and non-literary holdings through a variety of media – through the website of the Faculty exhibitions and similar, provides access to information about the holdings of the Library of Old Books using COBISS –and  also a program for users  – OPAC, performs scanning of certain parts of literary material, periodicals and non-literary material, according to the Rulebook of LOB, publishes reprint editions of individual publications in print form, on CD, DVD, and similar, accepts and processes donations and legacies  of professors of the Faculty and other persons according to the Rulebook of LOB, cooperates with national and foreign institutions performing the same or similar activity.

The Multimedia Library is a part of INDOC intended for teaching. It is used for multimedia presentations. It is equipped with a video screen, DVD player and sound system. The use of the Multimedia Library is organized through terms, as per the schedule adopted at the beginning of an academic semester.  The Multimedia Library forms  digital holdings (CD, DVD and similar) which are relevant to teaching (digital books, journals, movies and etc.), establishes, maintains and makes available for use the digital collection consisting of materials from exhibitions held in the Faculty and in the organization of the Faculty.

The Faculty has its library with extensive holdings of over 12 685 monographic publications, 191 doctoral dissertations, 466 master theses and 307 scientific papers, over 3000 graduate theses, and more than 154 domestic and national journals.