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Photo by D. Todorovic (1)

Photo: Dejan Todorović

Conceiving of tradition as an essentially current phenomenon, the ‘Conversations’ panel discussion series is organized with the idea to explore, develop, and promote traditional architecture, urbanism, and built heritage. The goal is to deepen the understanding of traditional architectural solutions, investigate their applicability to contemporary design challenges, and circulate the results among the members of academic, professional and general public.  

 The participants of the ‘Conversations’ series are invited to present their current work. Enabling dialogues between architectural practitioners, historians, and heritage preservation specialists the event series will facilitate a critical examination of existing narratives about traditional architecture, building and urbanism in Serbia. The event series will also discuss to what extent traditional architecture is accepted by the public, and to what extent by the architects and design professionals in Serbia, in order to, ultimately, tackle the question what is the current position of tradition in Serbian architectural discourse.  

 Eminent experts – heritage professionals, practicing architects, conservator-architects, and architectural historians – will discuss the questions listed above through the format of series of panel discussions that will be hosted by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. Two other partner institutions on the project are Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade and Digital Heritage Research Centre, Unitec Institute of Technology, School of Architecture (New Zealand). The three panel discussions will take place in front of the audience who will be encouraged to join in the conversations and share their views. 



Thursday, May 9 


Renata Jadrešin Milić
Unitec Institute of Technology
Sanja Iguman
University of Belgrade
Nebojša Antešević
Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia 


Thursday, May 16 


Nađa Kurtović Folić
University of Novi Sad
Marina Pavlović
Academy of Arts – Novi Sad
Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade
Ana Radivojević,
University of Belgrade 


Thursday, May 23 


Jelena Bogdanović
Vanderbilt University
Magdalena Dragović
University of Belgrade
Vladana Putnik
University of Belgrade
Jelica Jovanović
Technische Universität Wien 



Rade Mrlješ, Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade  

Ana Kontić, University of Belgrade 

Milica Mađanović, University of Belgrade 


Photo by D. Todorovic (2)

Photo: Dejan Todorović