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Workshop participants in the inner yard of “Županija” Building in Sombor

The students of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade participated in the international student workshop of the DANUrB+ INTERREG Project in Sombor, Serbia, and Baja, Hungary, on August 25-26, 2022. The topic of the workshop was related to the mapping of hidden values in both cities in order to increase the attractiveness and new branding of these two border cities. Therefore, the workshop aimed to form a photo collection of hidden and less known places, which are not tourist, but have а potential for further development of a city. Students undertake an analysis where they were in the role of local and external city users, by which they defined a problem in the use of urban space and, then, discovered a potential as its solution.  This photo collection is going to be posted at an Instagram account.

Students visited “Lovely Views” Exhibition in German Secondary school in Baja, Hungary during the first day of the workshop. They discussed and shared impressions about the future of this border region between Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia. Before this, they with teaching staff set up the exhibition of their works in Sombor and Golubac in the exhibition hall of “Karlo Bjelicki” City Library in Sombor. This exhibition was officially opened the same evening. On the second day of the workshop, all students visited this exhibition in Sombor, where students from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade presented their works relating to the urban regeneration of Sombor and Golubac. During trip from Baja to Sombor, all participants visited a new cultural centre in the city of Mohacs, Hungary, an example of the urban reuse of industrial heritage in the Danube Region. After this, all participants of the workshop had a cultural tour through the historic core of Sombor.

The team of students from the Faculty of Architecture from Belgrade had ten members, led by Nikola Mitrović, a PhD student. The student exhibition was prepared and set up by students and teaching staff: Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Djukić, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Danijela Milovanović Rodić, Asst. Dr. Jelena Marić and Asst. Dr. Branislav Antonić.



Students in tour of the new cultural centre of Mohács, Hungary


Exhibition “Lovely Views” in Baja, Hungary


The introductory poster of the student exhibition in Sombor


The presentation of the student works on the exhibition in


The presentation of the student works on the exhibition in


Workshop participants in tour of the historic core of Sombor