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Deparment of Architecture

Room: 346a

Scientific field:
Architectural and Urban Design

Research interests:
urban housing, architecture and nature, sustainability and heritage

Ana Nikezić lives and works in Belgrade. She holds a PhD in Architecture (2006) with more than 20 years of teaching experience in the area of Architectural and Urban design and over 14 years of experience in research projects.

Since 2010 she is a member and mentor for the elaborations of doctoral thesis. In 2015 she was named Vice Dean for post‐graduate studies and in 2018 Vice Dean for Education and Research.

Nikezić is fluent in English and has solid knowledge in French. She has had more than 30 papers published in monographies, magazines, journals and conference proceedings of international importance.

Nikezić is the author of the book “Formats for Urban Living – Family House in a Contemporary City” and editor and one of the authors of the scientific monography “Playing Landscape – Košutnjak: Principle of Architecture Design in the Context of Climate Change”, published by the Faculty of Architecture.

Her research and architectural design are regularly exhibited at the Salon of Architecture and at the Salon of Landscape Architecture. She was also a member of the organizing and science committee for a number of national and international conferences. She also participated in a great amount of international and national workshops.

She is particularly interested in connecting of the theoretical and the practical dimension of designing and architecture in general. A direct contact with students represents a special pleasure and an opportunity to acquire new experiences and to strengthen her knowledge.

Particular academic attention has been brought to the subject of relations between architecture and nature, architecture and urban culture, sustainability and heritage, as well as to the subject of socially responsible architectural education based on an interdisciplinary approach.