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sUser: Faculty of Architecture is a partner institution within the consortium of the newly launched project within ERASMUS+ program KA220-HED


The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture is a partner institution within the consortium of the newly launched project sUser KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education ERASMUS+ (2022-2025).  


Project name:
Introducing User-driven design and agile development skills in the case of sustainable service housing for elderly (sUser) 

The duration of the project:
36 months (31. December 2022 – 31. December 2025) 

Lead partner:
LAB University of Applied Sciences, Finland 

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria
Avans University of Applied Science, Netherlands
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Serbia 


The Erasmus+ Project sUser (Introducing user-driven design and agile development skills in the case of sustainable service housing for the elderly) aims to develop and test design methodologies from the following aspects: 1) sustainable user-centred design, 2) eco-design and 3) systems thinking and agile development skills and competencies. This approach is crucial for solving complex societal challenges, such as climate change, the depletion of energy and raw materials, and the ageing of the population. 

Establishing an integrated approach that combines user-centred design and systems thinking, agile development and an emphasis on sustainable innovation, aims to educate young professionals to be agents of change for a sustainable future. 

Members of the UB-FA team will coordinate dissemination and communication activities. Within these group activities, UB-FA will organize an international conference in September 2025 in Belgrade. 


Vladimir Lojanica, redovni profesor (rukovodilac za UB-AF) | Vesna Cagić-Milošević, redovni profesor | Igor Rajković, vanredni profesor | dr Jelena Ristić Trajković, vanredni profesor (naučni koordinator) | Miloš Komlenić, docent | dr Pavle Stamenović, docent | dr Ivana Rakonjac, docent (diseminacioni tim)| dr Verica Krstić, docent (menadžer za diseminaciju i administrator) | dr Ana Zorić, asistent sa doktoratom (diseminacioni tim) |dr Aleksandra Milovanović, istraživač saradnik (menadžer za kontrolu kvaliteta) 

Vladimir Lojanica, full professor (team leader for UB-FA) | Vesna Cagić-Milošević, full professor | Igor Rajković, associate professor | Dr. Jelena Ristić Trajković, associate professor (scientific coordinator for UB-FA) | Miloš Komlenić, assistant professor | Dr. Pavle Stamenović, assistant professor | Dr. Ivana Rakonjac, assistant professor (dissemination team)| Dr. Verica Krstić, assistant professor (manager for dissemination and administrator for UB-FA) | Dr. Ana Zorić, teaching assistant (dissemination team) | Dr. Aleksandra Milovanović, research associate (manager for quality control for UB-FA) 

team members UBFA


The beginning of activities within the project officially started on February 2 and 3, 2023, within the framework of the Kick-Off meeting in Lahti, organized by the leading institution of the LAB University from Finland. The event officially brought together all partners for the first time in line with the following activities within the two-day agenda: 

  • Overview of project activities – goals, outcomes and dynamics,
  • Presentation of the rules of financing and project management,
  • Presentation of the dissemination plan.

The team members from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade introduced the proposal of the dissemination plan, followed by a presentation of the visual identity and individual dissemination tools. In addition, the team members had an active discussion in other segments of the agenda, on the basis of which the activities in the upcoming period were determined. 

sUser kick-off