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All the information about the project can be found on the official website of the project: TWIST BOX

So far, you had a chance to read about the exceptional success of the students from our Faculty who qualified for the international competition – Solar Decathlon Middle East. Performing under the name TWIST BOX team, they are the first representatives of our country at this prestigious and unique event, which will be held in Dubai in 2018. The competition requires continuous two-year long work on the project development, with the implementation and usage of the multifunctional solar pavillion as the final outcome.

Qualifying among the 21 of the best teams, they continue the line of success in cooperation with the colleagues from other faculties.

Two control handovers of work material followed – Deliverable #1 (6th December 2016) and Deliverable #2 (8th March 2017), and out team earned high assessment marks by the jury and competition organisers, and then equally successful they took part in the first international workshop – Workshop#1, organised in Dubai by the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and WGEO organisation (World Green Economy Organization) from 30th April to 1st May 2017. TWIST BOX team showed that they stand shoulder to shoulder with the most famous universities in the world as far as creativity, skill and knowledge are concerned.

Multifunctional solar pavilion project – TWIST BOX


The representatives of the TWIST BOX team at the first workshop in Dubai from 30th April to 1st May. From left to right: Nemanja Brzaković – the leader of the students’ team, Saša Perišić – construction manager and Tamara Kostić – the captain of the competition.
The representatives of the team Saša Perišić and Nemanja Brzaković are explaining the essence of the TWIST BOX pavilion.


The representatives of the TWIST BOX team at the first workshop in Dubai from 30th April to 1st May. From left to right: Assistant Professor Budimir Sudimac – the representative of the Faculty of Architecture management and the sponsors manager, Nemanja Brzaković – the leader of the students’ team, Tamara Kostić – the captain of the competition, Assistant Professor Natasa Ćuković Ignjatović – The Faculty advisor and project manager, and Saša Perišić – construction manager.

The team caught the attention of the jury by choosing an attractive design as an artistic form, but also created additional challenge for themselves. Now, when the preliminary solution is brought to an end, it is necessary to be devoted to the project implementation process, meet all the demands that the inventive and attractive solution puts before the implementation process.

The initial TWIST BOX team is constantly changing and expanding, so the professors and students from the Faculty of Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Forestry, as well as various organisations that want to help our students with their funds or skills are joining the members from the Faculty of Architecture and Electrical Engineering.


The workshop in cooperation with Maverick corporation

Thanks to all of the above mentioned, a workshop was held in cooperation with Maverick corporation in order to enable the members of the TWIST BOX team as good organisation of team work as possible, and that the members can gain the skills necessary for teamwork and coordination within it.

The focus of the delivery control for Deliverable#3 (19th September 2017) was on model and audio-visual material production.

The part of the team engaged on these tasks worked hard every day in order to manage the production of the pavilion model scale 1:25, and to show the real picture about the concept, disposition and form of the object to the wider audience. The model was successfully transported all the way to Dubai through DHL service, even before the set deadline.



Twist BOx and DHL_hard to let go

Twist BOx and DHL

On Wednesday, 20th September 2017, the members of Twist Box team had the opportunity to have the Minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Mr Nenad Popovic, as a guest, who visited them in their work atmosphere. Besides being introduced to the main concept of the competition and the project itself, he also took the opportunity to talk to the team leaders, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Vladan Djokic, PhD.

On this occasion, the Minister expressed his support for our representatives in this prestigious international competition, Solar Decathlon Middle East, announcing further cooperation. He also invited the team to apply for budget funds for innovation in order to acquire the assets for the implementation of the pavilion, thus increasing their chances for more successful participation in Solar Decathlon.



Nenad Popovic, the Minister for Innovation and Technological Development visiting Twist Box team at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade | Photo: M.Bulatović

A part of the project elaboration includes the promotion of the competition, teams, pavilion, applied innovative technology solutions, as well as raising awareness about the importance of green architecture for the future of the profession.

Within the activities of the competition, the SDME organizers envisaged taking part in big international events which will be held in Dubai in October – Dubai Solar Show, World Green Economy Summit (WGES) and Water – Technology – Environment Expo (WETEX 2017), where the projects and teams as competitors, along with all individual applied technologies, will be presented to the widest world public.

According to the basic aim of Decathlon itself, which is raising awareness about energy efficient projects, Twist Box will take care to explain to the local public the whole idea of the competition, their project and technological innovations in scientific conferences and events in the capital – “The Week of Green Construction”, 27th September, the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade; The First International Congress – “Sustainable Architecture – Energy Efficiency”, 7th-8th October, Yugoslav film Archive in Belgrade; “KGH”, 6th-8th December, Sava Centre, Belgrade; “Science Festival”, 14th-17th December 2017, Belgrade Fair.

The previous success and positive review were a great encouragement to continue. We have moved more than halfway, but the things before us still need a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore, we use this opportunity once again to invite all interested to help, and join us in this exciting venture!

The project continues…

More information about TWIST BOX can be found on the official website of the project:
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