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Great success of our students at international student competition: TEXTILE STRUCTURES FOR NEW BUILDING 2019

Students of the fourth year of the Single-Cycle 5-year Academic Studies of Architecture and the first year of the Master Academic Studies of Architecture: Maša Žujović, Nevena Jeremić and Isidora Kojović won the first prize at the International Student Competition: Textile Structures for New Building 2019, in the category Urban Living – City of the Future. The competition for the 15th time is organized by the leading international fair of technical textile Techtextil with the support of the international association for membrane constructions TensiNet. The work of our students, together with other award-winning works, is shown at the exhibition Textile Student Competition within the international fair Techtextil, held in Frankfurt from 14 to 17 May 2019, when they were awarded the prize.

Competition held under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. Ing. E.h. Dr. h.c. Werner Sobek, Director of the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptional Design (ILEK), University of Stuttgart, Germany, aims to recognize innovative thinking and solutions for the problems of designing and constructing buildings from textile materials, as well as strengthening contacts between young people, technical textile construction industry and universities. This year the competition was related to the manifestation Urban Living – City of the Future and focused on the possibilities of textile architecture to improve life in the urban environments.

The jury comprised of: Prof. Dr Stefan Schäfer, TU Darmstadt, Germany, President, Prof. Dr. Annette Bögle, HCU, Hamburg, Germany, Arch. Evi Corne, TensiNet association Brussels, Belgium, Dipl.-Arch. ETH Tobias Lutz, Architonic AG Zurich, Switzerland, Prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Synold, Coburg University of applied sciences and arts, Germany, Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Torakai, Werner Sobek Stuttgart AG, Germany, awarded six works in four different categories (four first, one second, one third prize) and two further works received special mention. Besides our team, prizes are awards to the teams from prestigious universities from Germany, Spain, Thailand, Netherlands and Canada.

The works submitted for the competition from around the world covered a wide range of topics from the innovative application of materials, through design solutions, construction and assembly concepts to prototype structures. The work of our students Voro-Membrane distinguished itself by the specific designing process of membrane structures based on natural algorithms and the process of growth in which forms are developed under the influence of complex spatial conditions, and in the jury evaluation it is stated: …The jury is not only impressed by the successful concept but also greatly appreciates the consistency of the design idea, mathematical geometry generation, physical formation and the large-scale realisation in the model

The student team of our faculty participated in the competition on the proposal of Jelena Milošević, PhD, assistant professor, lecturer on course of the elective block History and theory 1 – MASA-11020-07 / IASA-47020-07: Generation of spatial structures, with the project designed during autumn semester of academic year 2018/19. Within this course, students are introduced to the potentials of using form-finding methods in the process of designing spatial structures. During the last semester, the students worked on the project: Urban Textile Interface (UTI) Structure. The task of the project was to propose designs for covering small pedestrian streets and was realized with the aim of familiarizing students with the challenges of constructing unconventional, light membrane structures.

Video Ognjen Graovac

This event is another recognition of the school and in the international competition the confirmation of the quality and competitiveness of the skills and knowledge of our students.

Congratulations to colleagues!