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How Much Strength, How Many Dreams Do I Have? *
Recognition of Creative Practices

This year the Faculty of Architecture is celebrating 170 years of higher education in the field of architecture in Serbia through a series of events. A special place in this program is taken by a presentation and promotion of young creative practices by the alumni of Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

The idea behind this event is to provide an insight into the changes in the range of architectural practice by which it is possible to achieve new forms of active participation in social processes, which has always been an interest of architects.

The program shall be implemented by an exhibition and a series of discussions. The exhibition presents a wide range of creative practices that is enabled by architectural education as a starting point for further research and action in all creative disciplines (architecture, applied arts and drama arts, design, literature, etc.).

Series of discussions that accompanies the exhibition will focus on the topic of the position of the profession of an architect and its relation to other professions.

Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade invites all young professionals who graduated from this school to apply and participate in the entire program.

Call for the exhibition is open to all individuals and groups that are composed of at least one member who is a graduate of Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and aged up to 35 years.

The invitation is open from the 25th of April to the 28th of May 2016.

The number of applications is not limited.

The exhibition opens on 01 July 2016 in gallery Stab (Crnogorska 10, Belgrade).

The application includes the following:
1. A completed application form with the basic data, and
2. A form presenting creative practice, which must contain the following:
– text description (name, purpose, year of design/development)
– visual display (architectural object, artwork, product / design of industrial or graphic design, photography, book, video, etc.).
Applications must be sent in electronic form to address with written name and surname in the subject of the message.

Applications will be considered by jury council, consisting of:
Arch. Dejan Miljkovic, professor at Faculty of Architecture,
Arch. Snežana Ristić, editor in chief of the cultural and artistic editorial section of Radio Beograd 2 and
Arch. Maja Lalić, president of organization Mikser

The selection of applications for presentation will be made on the basis of the following criteria:
1. The diversity of practices,
2. The relevance and innovation of solutions,
3. Social and environmental sustainability.

* “The Power of Dream”, Midica Milovanović, Pesničenje 2013
Photo © Ana Kostić



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