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Erasmus+ CBHE Project: Creating the Network of Knowledge Labs for Sustainable and Resilient Environments – KLABS


Creating the Network of Knowledge Labs for Sustainable and Resilient Environments – KLABS

ERASMUS+ KA2 – Capacity Building in Higher Education (561675-EPP-1-2015-1- XK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)

Overall aim of the KLABS project is improvement and modernisation of postgraduate studies at higher education institutions of Western Balkan countries through which young professionals develop capacities in the areas relevant for creating sustainable natural, social and built environment, with special focus on development models in the context of adjusting to climate change and providing adequate responses to potential natural disasters as consequences to the change.

The project is concieved with a view of partner institutions forming a network of compatible postgraduate programmes, research resources and teaching staff, with each partner institution focusing on one particular aspect, thus promoting multidisciplinary and cooperation of experts of diverse sub-specialisation. The programme aims at creating permanent conditions for virtual mobility of students and teaching staff in a way that each participating institution continue to use not only resources formed during the project at given institution but all capacities of all participants for the complimentary research areas, as well. Since it is relatively new field, one of the aims of this project is introduction of innovative scientific-education tools, as well as increase of flexibility of the existing study programmes.

KLABS project expected results are referring to improvement of teaching at postgraduate level, primarily at specialist courses, through the following aspects:
• increased flexibility and electivity of the existing study programmes,
• development of innovative elective modules,
• forming of adequate collection of teaching material,
• new teaching methodology and tools, innovative methodological approach with accompanying material for students and teachers, including active participation in problem solving, forming virtual teaching environment, exchange of experience, free access to teaching resources of all partner institutions and full virtual mobility of students and teaching staff,
• creating conditions for experimental and practical work,
• forming of specialised library,
• publicizing of the results to wider audience,
• forming of online collection of resources and knowledge within partner institutions for enabling more dynamic and interdisciplinary work.

KLABS project coordinator is University in Priština in Kosovska Mitrovica – Faculty of Technical Sciences (Kosovo*). Consortium members are: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture (Serbia), „Džemal Bijedić“ University in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), University in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), State University Novi Pazar (Serbia), Higher Technical School Zvečan (Kosovo*), RWTH Aachen University (Germany), TU Delft (The Netherlands), University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Architecture (Slovenia), University of Strathclyde Glasgow (UK), IUAV Venice (Italy).

KLABS project coordinator at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture is mr Nataša Ćuković Ignjatović, Assistant Professor.