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The first in-person international meeting in DANUrB+ Project was held in Sombor on June 15-17, 2021. The national organiser of the workshop was the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade as the project partner, while its local co-organiser was the City of Sombor through the “Prostor” Public Enterprise as an associated strategic partner in the project.


More than 90 participants from over 20 partner organisations from eight Danube countries took part in the meeting, including online participants. The first day of the meeting was dedicated for a cultural tour through the city of Sombor and its Danubian villages, for visits to tangible and intangible heritage. Two other days were organised in partner workshops, including the ones for journalists. The team from the Faculty of Architecture also presented the current progress in the preparation of the atlas of DANUrB+ cities.


The national organisation manager of the meeting was Prof. Aleksandra Djukić as the project manager on behalf of the Faculty, Asst. Branislav Antonić was the technical secretary of the meeting. The other participants from the faculty were: Prof. Aleksandra Stupar, Asst.Prof. Danijela Milovanović Rodić, Asst. Jelena Marić, Asst. Aleksandar Grujičić, and Milorad Obradović, doctorand.

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All participants in the yard of the “Županija” Building in Sombor, Serbia

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Prof. Aleksandra Djukić giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting in the main chamber of “Županija” Building


03 (1)

Cultural tour – Visit to Bezdan Gate-Lock on Great Bačka Canal, recently refurbished industrial heritage

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Joint workshop between project partners and regional journalists

05 (1)

Cultural visit to “Milan Konjović” Museum in Sombor

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Prof. Balint Kadar, the leader of the project during his presentation in concluding workshop


Team from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade during the meeting
Video clip from local news:

RTV: Sombor participates in the project “Danube’s Cultural Heritage”