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Multifunctional solar pavilion project TWIST BOX

For the eleventh time, the Science Festival – the biggest science event in the region, will offer the best science fun for the visitors of all the ages. The Festival will take a place at the grounds of the Belgrade Fair, from 14th to 17th December 2017. The Faculty of Architecture also takes part at the festival with a simplified version of TWIST BOX project – the project of the desert house that the Faculty of Architecture developed in partnership with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as well as the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, and takes part in the prestigious international competition Solar Decathlon Middle East – SDME 2018.

The festival visitors will have a chance to walk around the pavilion of the Faculty of Architecture and see the reduced and simplified version of the TWIST BOX project. The characteristic outer membrane of TWIST BOX house will mysteriously hide the inside of the pavilion which will hold the educational exhibits. The visitors will be able to use the VR (Virtual Reality) glasses inside to walk through 3D display and envisage the look of our desert house when it is built, see the house model, the way the solar panel look and function in order to provide the electricity for the house…

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Twist BOx and DHL


Multifunctional solar pavilion project TWIST BOX – Model

The visitors to the pavilion will find out how different houses around the world are adapted to the climate conditions. The team from the Faculty of Architecture will present the way they plan to cool the desert house from TWIST BOX project, how to make the sockets inside the desert house safe, how to use the light to transfer the information, what is the use of the white outer membrane of the desert house and what it is made of, etc.



The interactive part of the exhibit will contain virtual 3D display of the TWIST BOX pavilion and educational content. The educational content called Archi Puzzle is a game in the form of 3D puzzle which will give the visitors the opportunity to get to know the basic principles of design: the coordination of the layout of the rooms and the appearance of the facade with orientation, the logic of the functional organization of the apartment…

Another educational game called “The house and the climate” will try to give the visitors a closer insight into the diversity of the traditional houses around the world as well as the different ways to adapt the houses to climate conditions. The task in the game is to arrange these houses in the map of the world. The contents of the game have been developed by the first year students of master studies within the elective course МАСА-11020-06: Design and constructions according to climate.

We look forward to seeing you from 14th to 17th December at The Belgrade Fair, Hall 7, stand No.8!

The Science Festival 2017 Map


“The house and the climate” – Educational game developed by the first year students of the master studies.