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We are pleased to invite you to the guest lecture and the exhibition opening of “X RAYS” by the famous Spanish architect and professor of architecture and urbanism Josep Miàs and his office MiAS Architects.

Lecture: XRAYS
Thursday, 10th of December 2015
Amphitheater of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade

Exhibition: XRAYS
10th of December 2015 – 07th of January 2016
The Gallery AULA, The Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade

In spite of architecture’s materiality and presence, it still remains unknown: constructive processes may hide layers which explain the true sense of the design process. Architecture is able to give new meanings to the places where it stands, changing them drastically. The exhibition we propose is a focused exploration on what architecture is hiding. Through “transparent” big format images, where two pictures are superimposed (one showing the construction, and the other the result) we could get closer to what architecture condenses out of the urban environment, society and culture, rendering a complete and multidimensional new understanding of an apparently plain image.

Mias Architects research is framed by a long-term activity, which basically consists in registering processes in daily professional architectural activity, observing our projects from the construction site to the final result with external eyes through photography. This fresh vision, given by the architect and photographer Adrià Goula, enables us to rediscover and understand differently how architecture organically develops and becomes autonomous. These pictures are something like x-ray images, which unveil secrets in buildings. Adrià Goula has international experience in photographing architecture with a very personal approach. His work is one of the most influencing not only in Spain, but in whole Europe. Adrià’s pictures have become a sort of dialogue between Mias Architects imagination, his personal vision, and the power of reality.

The main aim of the exhibition is to build an innovative way to understand architecture, something between vision and consistent meaning. It is some kind of conversation between architecture and photography, exploring the essential phenomenon that happens in both: capturing performance.

The main aim of the exhibition is to unveil a hidden layer of existing architecture, which reveals a deeper understanding of what means space, tectonics, society, visibility, technology and matter. What would happen if architecture became transparent? The awareness of structure, of what is holding matter and space, in a real scale, can be very eloquent and graphical. This perspective is related to the long-term research we are developing both in the professional and academic per course, focused on structures and construction as generative processes determining new adaptive use architecture.

Take a look at the pictures, not as buildings but as their ruins.

Josep Miàs guest lecture will be held on Thursday, 10th December 2015, at 19.00 in the Amphitheatre of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade followed by the opening of the exhibition “XRAYS” in Gallery Aula Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

Admission is free. Welcome!

Assoc.Prof. Uroš Radosavljević, Ana Raković


Josep Miàs | © Miàs Architects


Architect Josep Miàs worked for ETSAB Barcelona. Associate Architect at Enric Miralles’s office from 1990 till 2000. Since 2000 JOSEP MiAS ARCHITECTS is an award-winning practice based in Barcelona committed to research and experimentation, and new approaches to technology, fabrication and construction. Known worldwide for works such as Fontanals Golf Club, Banyoles City Center Urbanization, Barceloneta Market, 22@Plug-in Barcelona Building, Girona Annexa Puigbert CEIP and iGuzzini Barcelona Corporate Building among others.

Winner of National and International Awards and Recognitions, works have been published and exhibited internationally.

Lecturer and Guest Critic in many National and International Universities, currently Professor in Architecture and Urbanism at ETSAB Barcelona, Visiting Professor at UNISS Alghero and Unit Master of Diploma Unit 16 and Senior Research Associate at UCL Bartlett School of Architecture London.

Time and Place

/Thursday, 10th of December 2015/
/Amphitheater of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade/

/10th of December 2015 – 07th of January 2016/
/The Gallery AULA, The Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade/