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Guest Lectures: Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg “Urban-Think Tank: Housing the City” and Haris Piplaš “Reactivating Sarajevo’s (Dis)continuous urbanism”




The Designing Housing and City Transformations – Novi Beograd international workshop will take place at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade 01 – 05 June 2017. Workshop is realised within the project Smart and Creative Cities for Knowledge-Based Societies, as a result of cooperation between Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade and ETH Zurich under the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) SCOPES Program. We are pleased to invite you to the guest lectures of Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg and Haris Piplaš.

Lectures will take place at:
Nebojša Tower, Belgrade Fortress, Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića
Friday, 02 June 2017 at 19.00

Urban-Think Tank (U-TT) co-founded by Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner is an interdisciplinary design practice dedicated to high-level research and design on a variety of subjects, concerned with contemporary architecture and urbanism. Previously teaching at Columbia University in New York, in 2010 they joined the ETH Zurich where to hold the Chair for Architecture and Urban Design. U-TT has been awarded the Ralph Erskine Award, the Holcim Gold Award for innovative contributions to ecological and social design practices, and the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture Golden Lion.

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Lecture summary:
Prof. Alfredo Brillembourg “Urban-Think Tank: Housing the City”

Alfredo Brillembourg in “Urban-Think Tank: Housing the City” will talk about the philosophy of U-TT to deliver innovative yet practical solutions for cities through the combined multi-disciplinary skills of architects, civil engineers, environmental planners, landscape architects, and communication specialists. Alfredo will present how to synergize theory and practical applications through prototypical applied research and practice examples.

The lecture will present new housing prototypes and conversion of existing structures that allow it to adapt to the needs of different residents in cases of complexity of living conditions, while at the same time fostering the social role of architects in helping to address economic, ecological and security challenges.


Lecture summary:
Haris Piplaš “Reactivating Sarajevo’s (Dis)continuous urbanism”

Haris Piplaš, Research and Teaching Fellow at the U-TT Chair at ETH Zurich. He works on the U-TT Urban Toolbox as Lecturer and Coordinator. Haris conducts research on critical urban transformations of post-socialist cities. He directs the U-TT’s Reactivate Sarajevo initiative, inspired by the city’s discontinuous historical urbanism, critically assessing the latent potentials of the city using the adaptive capacities that Sarajevo has mobilized in its many battles with urban issues in the course of a turbulent history.

The project aims to inspire contemporary global society, which is faced with the same kind of challenges, be they destruction through war, disruptions due to economic crises, the ambivalent legacies of colonial architecture, the failures of a generic modernism etc. The project was exhibited and curated by Haris at the 2016 Venice Biennale of Architecture in the project’s “Sarajevo Now: People’s Museum” Pavillon.