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Izložba RIBA President’s Medals Students Awards

The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture offers comprehensive education in architecture and urban studies, promoting sharing of knowledge and development of skills required for practicing architecture within interdisciplinary environment.

All study programmes are aligned with the principles and standards of the Bologna Declaration, and accredited by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the National Council for Higher Education, while two study programmes are validated RIBA course status.

Studies are organized in ‘study units’ and ‘modules’, which students may choose from so as to independently create their educational profiles, and primarily based on the ‘studio-driven’ method, having in mind that students learn best by working in small, highly focused groups under a single tutor. A list of elective courses is compiled almost every academic year, with the aim to stay abreast of current trends and issues. Moreover, a number of conferences, exhibitions and guest lectures organized at the Faculty, and in cooperation with leading universities in Europe, and worldwide spread-out further enhance the teaching-learning process.

The Faculty’s good organization, tradition, and keeping-up with the trends make it a driver of changes and an institution where innovations, experiments and research take place. The Faculty is strongly devoted to establishing an academic and creative working environment that encourages professionalism and intellectual exchange of ideas and opinions.

The languages of teaching and degrees at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade are Serbian and English. The Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade currently offers the following programmes:


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Undergraduate studies is first-degree study programme which lasts 3 years/ 6 semesters, during which students can earn 180 ECTS and the title of Bachelor of Architecture – B.Arch.

The B.Arch degree does not lead to professional accreditation. Students also need to complete Master degree to become eligible for professional accreditation.

Undergraduate studies are the foundation of higher levels of education for architects who are upon the completion of their studies presented with an opportunity to pursue a higher degree of profession or a PhD in various fields. In this respect, these studies are conceived as comprehensive education which includes a broad set of subject related technological and social sciences, arts and humanities, and provides students with knowledge, and professional and artistic skills in the fields of architecture, urban planning and architectural technologies.

Bachelor studies also comprise a twofold practical experience: working in a Studio on specific problems and internship in one of the professional organizations outside the University.

Head of the study programme: Miloš Nenadović, Assistant Professor

For detailed information on the Undergraduate Studies (B.Arch) programme please read the following documents:

Undergraduate Studies – B.Arch Book Of Courses Undergraduate Studies – B.Arch List Of Courses Per Semester

Master studies last 2 years / 4 semesters and students can earn 120 ECTS.

We offer Master programmes in several scientific and artistic fields, providing in this way a multidisciplinary education to future architects and opportunities to create their own educational curricula. The programmes are based on the studio-driven method that emphasises teaching in a studio where students gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies by working on a comprehensive project individually or in a group.

Studio design consists of two parts: 1) the practical part, which includes work on a defined brief and 2) the theoretical part, which consists of seminars and lectures related to topics complementing the studio work. At the moment, we offer the following Master programmes:


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Validated for RIBA course status, Master studies in Architecture are conceived to include and conciliate the fields of history and theory of architecture, architectural and urban design, urban planning, implementation of architectural structures, architectural technologies and structural engineering.

Studies are organized as specialized studies from the first semester, offering the following Modules: Architecture (A), Urbanism (U), Architectural Technology (AT) and Structural Engineering (SE).

Curricula include carefully selected tasks and topics with practical relevance, so as to ensure a link to the real practice. The study programme also includes internships, which are aimed at providing students with the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge and to acquire direct practical knowledge and experience in architectural offices, and/or other public institutions.

Upon graduation students are awarded a degree and the title of Master of Architecture – M.Arch, with reference to the selected Module – A, U, AT, SE.

Head of the study programme: Vesna Cagić Milošević, Associate Professor

For detailed information on the Master Studies (M.Arch) programmes please read the following documents:

Master Studies in Architecture – M.Arch Book Of Courses Master Studies in Architecture – M.Arch List Of Courses Per Semester


Available in English!

Integral urbanism programme is an interdisciplinary study programme encompassing learning and research on spatial, technical, social and other issues relating to urban and regional planning and urban design. This study programme aims to provide future planners and urban designers with skills to create new solutions for effective, efficient and aesthetically satisfying organization and operation of the urban environment in a dynamic socio-economic and cultural environment with major impact on the urbanization process. Upon graduation students are awarded the title of Master of Urbanism and Regional Development.

Head of the study programme: dr Ksenija Lalović, Associate Professor

Master Studies in Integral Urbanism – M.Arch Book Of Courses Master Studies in Integral Urbanism – M.Arch List Of Courses Per Semester

is a programme aimed at training students to acquire and apply scientific, technical and artistic skills and to perform professional activities in the field of architectural design of interior spaces and design. Upon graduation students are awarded the title of Master Engineer of Interior Architecture.

Head of the study programme: Igor Rajković, Assistant Professor


Single-cycle-5-year studies in architecture is a continuous five-year/ 10 semesters programme integrating Undergraduate and Master studies in a single cycle, in the course of which students earn 300 ECTS and the title of Master of Architecture – M.Arch. The study programme combines focused education in architecture and the development of necessary skills within a single degree programme.

Head of the study programme: Nebojša Fotirić, Assistant Professor


Specialist studies is a professional study programme focused on a specific area of research, which leads towards a specialisation in a given field. The Faculty of Architecture offers specialist studies in the following areas:

lasts 1 year / 2 semesters and students earn 60 ECTS. Upon completion, students are awarded the title of Architect Specialist for Heritage Design and Construction/ Arch. Spec. The programme is aimed at creating professionals with in-depth and complex knowledge necessary to deal with heritage design and construction and the protection and presentation of cultural heritage. In addition, the programme provides specific, practical skills and professional qualifications necessary for the compilation of the protection report, presentation of cultural heritage, design in protected areas, rehabilitation and presentation of the monumental heritage, management and modern programming approach to presentation of cultural heritage in terms of transition, economic and social changes (which architectural engineers require to obtain the licence for the protection of cultural heritage), as well as professional qualifications to take the exam and obtain the title of Architect – Conservator.

lasts 1 year / 2 semesters and students earn 60 ECTS. The title of Specialist for energy-efficient and green architecture is awarded upon completion, which is the primary professional qualification needed to take the exam and obtain the title of LEED-G(reen) A(ssociate). The programme is designed to provide an inquiry in the field of sustainable, energy-efficient and green architecture, with the aim of expanding the knowledge necessary for design, construction, evaluation of energy efficiency and green building in accordance with the current relevant national and international regulations; as well as to provide the professional qualification (which is the basis for obtaining a license) required for energy efficiency studies and buildings certification.

lasts 1 year / 2 semesters and students earn 60 ECTS. The study programme is aimed at scientific and professional specialization in the field of urban renewal, at advancement of skills that allow perception of real urban situation, as well as at acquisition of expert planning knowledge toward the city of the future. Professional qualifications in the field of urban renewal acquired upon the completion of the programme may be used in related projects and studies, in the process of research in urban areas, planning and implementation of urban renewal projects, as well as in the application of knowledge management practices and community development planning.

Head of the Specialist studies programmes: dr Milica Jovanović Popović, Professor


Available in English!

Doctoral studies last 3 years / 6 semesters and student earn 180 ECTS.

The study programme is integrated and includes both scientific and art doctorate. Scientific studies are focused on two main areas of study: architecture and urbanism, including numerous specific areas, such as: the study of architecture, technology and management in architecture, bioclimatic and environmental architecture, structural systems, history and theory of architecture, the study and preservation of the built heritage. The main research field in artistic studies is architectural and urban design.

The first study year, after which students choose their main field of research, is the same for all students and it includes the study of general research methodology. The third year is intended for the compilation of a research thesis and doctoral dissertation. Upon completion, students are awarded the title of PhD / Doctor of Technical Science in Architecture and Urbanism, and will have acquired skills required to conduct original scientific research at a high academic level, to develop new technologies, to solve practical and theoretical problems independently, and to give their contribution to the development of science and critical thinking.

Head of the Doctoral studies programme: dr Marija Maruna, Associate Professor

Available pages:
Doctoral Studies Guide
Doctoral Studies – Admission and Entry Requirements
Doctoral Studies – Service Information

For detailed information on the Doctoral Studies (PhD in Architecture) programme please read the following documents:

Doctoral Studies – PhD in Architecture Book Of Courses