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Deparment of Urbanism

Room: 253

Scientific field:

Research interests:
urban design, urban morphology, urban renewal

Dr. Aleksandra Đukić holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. She studied in Israel as a MASHAV scholarship holder. Her professional engagement is focused on urban design and planning, urban morphology and urban renewal. She has published more than 200 papers in international journals, monographs and proceedings, as well as four monographs, with the focus on identity, quality of public space, urban regeneration, shrinking cities and climate change. She has edited a dozen international monographs, and she was a guest editor of the prestigious scientific journals. She is a member of the editorial board of the leading national journal in the field of architecture and urbanism Izgradnja and in the international Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering.


She has given guest lectures at faculties in Granada, Graz, Bari, Turin, Hong Kong and Gdansk, as well as invited lectures at conferences in Kaunas and Serbia.


She has participated in numerous international and national scientific projects and workshops as a researcher and maneger. She is currently involved in three international projects (INTERREG Danube 2020 – 2023 DANURB + Building Regional and Local Resilience through the Valorization of Danube’s Cultural Heritage, Erasmus K203 Creative Danube 2019 – 2022 and COST Action CA 18204 Dynamics of placemaking and digitization in Europe Citiess cities) and one national research project (TP36035: Spatial, ecological, energy and sociological aspects of urban development and climate change), and she is the national coordinator for CEEPUS CROSS / HOUSE – Sustainable Housing – Cross-Cultural Society 2021 -2022).


She won numerous awards at architectural and urban competitions and inetrnational exhibitions for urban planners. She also won three awards: for the best published chapter in a book in Emerald (2018) and the best papers at the World Congresses (Tokyo and Warsaw). She has mentored several award-winning student works at European and world competitions and exhibitions (Schindler award 2010, Lafarge International Competition for Students – Recovering the Architecture of Forgotten Urban Spaces, organized by the EAAE). The INTERREG DANUrB project was awarded in 2019 as the best project by the Ministry of European Integration.


She has been in organising committee of eight international conferences, and was a member of the scientific committee at international conferences 28 times. She is one of the co-founders of the Urban Laboratory Belgrade and co-fonuder of the international conference Places and Technologies.


She is the representative of Serbia in the General Assembly of ECTP-CEU and the vice president of the Association of Urban Planners of Serbia.