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Erasmus+ Danubian SMCs Project: The Participation of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade as a partner at the first transnational meeting in Budapest

Danubian SMCs

Project:                Creative Danube: Innovative teaching for inclusive development in small and medium-sized Danubian cities

Acronym:            Danubian SMCs

Programme:      Erasmus+ KA203

Key Action:         Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type:      Strategic Partnerships for higher education

Duration:             01/10/2019-31/08/2022


The Faculty of Architecture is a partner in a new Erasmus+ KA203 project – Danubian SMCs – on the behalf of the University of Belgrade, which will last 35 months. The focus of the project is on an interdisciplinary teaching, being primarily a collaborative educational project that emphasises both the transfer of knowledge between university partners and between teachers and students of all partners. At longer term, the project will show how Danubian small and medium-sized cities can be better known and valorised with unconventional and creative teaching methods, getting to an inclusive and stimulative attitude both for teachers and learners and for local stakeholders. Through this, the project will create a link to the creativity and innovation requirements on the labour market and the expected competences of the graduates in territorial planning field.


The project partners in Danubian SMCs Project are:

  1. Lead partner: Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM) – Faculty Of Urban Planning, Bucharest, Romania;
  2. Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) – Faculty of Architecture, Budapest, Hungary;
  3. Slovak University of Technology (STU) – Faculty of Architecture, Bratislava, Slovakia;
  4. Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) – Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning, Vienna, Austria;
  5. Danube University Krems (DUK) – Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture, Krems/Donau, Austria;
  6. University of Novi Sad – Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia; and
  7. University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia.


The project team from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture:

  1. prof. Dr. Aleksandra Djukić, project manager and researcher;
  2. Dr. Eva Vaništa Lazarević, researcher;
  3. prof. Dr. Danijela Milovanović Rodić, researcher;
  4. Branislav Antonić, T.A., researcher and communication manager;
  5. Jelena Marić, T.A., researcher;
  6. Svetlana Tolić, financial manager.


The first transnational meeting of Danubian SMCs project was held in Budapest, Hungary, on November 11-12, 2019. The purpose of the meeting was the establishment of managerial structure of the project and the presentation of the competences of all partners. Prof. Aleksandra Djukić, project manager, Svetlana Tolić, financial manager, and Branislav Antonić, T.A., financial manager, attended the first meeting on the behalf of the University of Belgrade.




First meeting