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SNARK + OUVI – House in Shintou, Takasaki, Japan, 2014 | Photo © Ippei Shinzawa


We are pleased to invite you to the guest lecture “Think Of Architecture From Two Perspectives” by Shin Yokoo, Japanese architect, which will take place on Thursday, 17th of May 2018 at 19.00 hours in the amphitheatre of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

Think Of Architecture From Two Perspectives
Architectural Design And Structural Design
Shin Yokoo

Shin YOKOO is PhD and a Senior Registered Architect in Japan. After graduating from Tokai University (Japan) in 2001, where he earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture, spent the first three years of his career working as a structural engineer at Masahiro Ikeda co. Ltd. The unique skills and experience gained throughout these years, continue to influence his approach to design. This led to founding OUVI, which is Structural and Architectural Design firm based in Tokyo since 2004. He recently completed PhD at Tokyo University of Science in 2016 and now he has been teaching at University of Belgrade, as part of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists in 2017.


Shin Yokoo

Major WORKS as Structural Engineer:
· Alive Factory (2007)
(Steel structure, 2-storey building: Factory + Office)
· Minami-Nagano Dental Clinic + Residence (2008) / CASABELLA No.756, ITALY
RC structure, 1-storey building: Dental clinic, and Residence)
· Jyukkaie (2009) / JUTAKUTOKUSHU AUG. 2009, JAPAN
Wooden structure, 2-storey building + 1 basement floor: Residence)
· Gururie (2011) / FRAME JUL /AUG.2011, Nederland
Wooden structure, 2-storey building + basement: Residence)
· Yakumo Apartment / SHINKENCHIKU AUG. 2011, JAPAN
Wooden structure, 2-storey building:Apartment)
· Ridge (2012) / DEZEEN
Wooden structure 2-storey building:Apartment)
· 4 episodes (2014) / JUTAKUTOKUSHU FEB. 2014, JAPAN
Seismic Renovation / Wooden + RC structure, 2-storey building: Residence + Apartment)
· Low house in Naka-Ochiai (2014) / JUTAKUTOKUSHU MAY. 2014, JAPAN
Steel structure, 2-storey building: Residence)

Major WORKS as Architect:
· House of Shimotakaido (2006)
(Steel structure, 3-storey building: Residence)
· House of Urayasu / Andon (2007) / DEZEEN
(Wooden structure with steel frame, 2-storey building: Residence + Office)
· Y-HOUSE (2011)/ Modern Decoration Home 250, CHINA
(Renovation / Wooden structure, 2-storey building: Hair salon + Residence)
· S-HOUSE (2013)
(Renovation / Wooden structure, 2-storey building: Residence)

· Selected for Residential Architecture (2011) by Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers
· Selected for 50th Japan Craft Exhibition (2011) by Japan Craft Design Association
· Grand Prize for 33th Tokyo Architecture Award (2007) by Tokyo Association of Architectural firm
· Good Design Award 2006, 2009 by Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Main Researches:
· Design feature of “Maison du peuple de clichy” designed by E.Beaudouin, M.Lods, J. Prouvé
· Study on the Relationship between Features and Building Components of “Aero-Club Roland-Garros a Buc”
· Study on the Relationship between Features and Building Components of “Maison démontable en acier B.L.P.S.”

More Info about OUVI:


ALIVE Main Factory, Japan, 2007
Architecture: Iwaoka Studio + Iwado Nihonbashi Architecture Studio
Structure: OUVI inc.
Photo © Shinjiro Yamada


Low house in Naka-Ochiai, Japan, 2014
Architecture: Atelier and I Architectural Office Iwaoka Lab
Structure: OUVI inc.
Photo © Shinjiro Yamada



S-House, Japan, 2013
Architecture and Structure: OUVI inc.
Photo © Shinjiro Yamada




Y-House, Japan, 2011
Architecture and Structure: OUVI inc.
Photo © Shinjiro Yamada