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Guest Lecture: “Expanded Natures: Shifting Landscapes & Design Approximations” – Dr. Despoina Zavraka


We are pleased to invite you to the guest lecture “Expanded Natures: Shifting Landscapes & Design Approximations” of Dr. Despoina Zavraka, a lecturer at the Department of landscape architecture (EMATECH) and adjunct assistant professor at the School of architecture at The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki teaching urban landscape design. The lecture will be held on Thursday, 07th of December 2017 at 16.30h, in room 200 at the Faculty of Architecture. The lecture is a part of curriculum of the second year of Master studies in Architecture, course “Studio M03 – Seminar – 06: Opticon” by Assoc. Prof. Dragana Vasiljević Tomić.

All welcome!

Expanded Natures: Shifting Landscapes & Design Approximations

The lecture sets off a brief introduction on the relation between natural and urban spheres. A collection of different cases including landscape studio explorations and collaborative design projects express various concepts of coexistence, habitability and natural expansiveness. Certain research-orientated projects will further discuss stories beyond the city and emergent potential of natural and non-functioning fields. Contents: a. Landscape architecture studio work (at the department of landscape architecture), b. Glean of natural & urban landscape case studies (TTDZ work & various collaborations), c. Landscapes of mortality (various research projects)


Despoina Zavraka

Dr. Despoina Zavraka
Architect, Dip. Arch. Mackintosh, GSA, Landscape Architect, MLA & PhD AUTh

Since 2011, she is a lecturer at the Department of landscape architecture (EMATECH) and adjunct assistant professor at the school of architecture (AUTh) teaching urban landscape design. In her doctoral thesis, she has investigated emerging trans-cultural aspects of design and contemporary cultural landscapes of Switzerland. Her scientific interest lie on a delegated field, between ‘nature’ and ‘urbanism’ at various design scales. She has extended experience on architectural and urban landscape projects, as well as a resume of many successful and award-winning design schemes. She is co-founder of TTDZ Architects, a young practice researching and working on issues covering a wide range of contemporary creative fields, such as architecture, urban design, landscape, image and art. Her recent book urbanBLUR explores landscape ambiguities and mediations in contemporary (urban) realities.


Despoina Zavraka – urbanBLUR, CND Publications, Thessaloniki, 2014 | click to zoom


Foto © Despoina Zavraka