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Exhibition of Graduate projects 2015/16 in the gallery AULA | Photo: M. Bulatović

Our traditional exhibition of graduate projects, for the school year 2015/16, is open this autumn in our school gallery AULA. The exhibited projects, selected by the mentors committees, are the most successful master projects from Studio Projects in year 2015/16 (Modules: Architecture, Urbanism, Architecture Construction, Architecture Technologies).

Final part of the study programme Master of academic studies Architecture is composed of three segments: Master Thesis, Master Design and Master Project. Working on the thesis, design and project, through the process of formulation, concept and project development, the student independently connect all gained knowledge and skills, govern the research, conceptualisation, design and materialisation of complex architectural-urbanistic units.

Master thesis is independent research, consisted of research of context, processing of all specific aspects of the task, establishment of program structure and project thesis, clear definition of the project task and project theme which are the basis for project approach. Together with insight to contemporary tendencies in architecture, as well as critical relationship towards local environment and context in general.



Exhibition of Graduate projects 2015/16 in the gallery AULA | Photo: M. Bulatović

Master Design is a student project with clearly recognisable research component: research through defining fundamental research issues through project design, research and development design methods in line with the thesis, as analytic and generic studies in the space with public assessment of the concept.

Final Master Project is rounded synthesizing master studio project in which student on a separate final paper shows the degree of mastery of knowledge and skills with a Master degree program, in response to pre-set thesis. It consists of the public exhibition of graphic material, the model of the final project and master booklet which includes three distinct parts: the thesis, the research project with a generic analytical and synthesis studies and explanation of the concept and the final project.




Exhibition of Graduate projects 2015/16 in the gallery AULA | Photo: M. Bulatović

Exceptionally, this year exhibition has additional significance as it is a part of 170 years jubilee celebration.

The exhibition will be open until end of October.

The following students / mentors participated in the 2015/16 exhibition in the gallery AULA: Aleksandra Džuverović (prof. dr Lidija Đokić, mentor) + Damjana Lojaničić ( arh. Borislav Petrović, mentor) + Miloš Stojković (prof. Dejan Miljković, mentor) + Jovan Stamenić (v. prof. arh. Milan Đurić, mentor) + Slobodan Jevtić ( arh. Aleksandru Vuja, mentor) + Sara Španović (prof. arh. Vladimir Lojanica, mentor) + Marija Pavlović ( Nenad Šekularac, mentor) + Miloš Ušljebrka (prof. arh. Zoran Lazović, mentor) + Jelena Ilić ( arh. Vesna Cagić Milošević, mentor) + Olga Savić (doc. dr Đorđe Stojanović, mentor) + Aleksandra Aleksić (doc. dr Budimir Sudimac, mentor) + Miloš Jelisavčić (doc. dr Aleksandar Rajčić, mentor) + Aleksandra Nedeljković (prof. dr Vladan Đokić, mentor) + Aleksandra Ugrinović (prof. dr Branislav Žegarac, mentor) + Nemanja Ristić (prof. dr Miodrag Nestorović, mentor) + Jovana Milojković (prof. dr Eva Vaništa Lazarević, mentor) + Jovana Zorić ( dr Dragana Vasiljević Tomić, mentor) + Jovana Filić (v. prof. arh. Dejan Miletić, mentor) + Ivana Petrović (v. prof. arh. Ivan Rašković, mentor) + Luka Kitanović (doc. arh Nebojša Fotirić, mentor) + Tijana Simikić (prof. arh. Miodrag Mirković, mentor) + Jovana Jelisavac ( mr Milan Vujović, mentor).

Our Flickr photo album shows all exhibited projects and models:

View the web exhibition of selected Graduate Projects here:
Veb izložba: MAS Arhitektura – Master završni rad 2015/16


Join us in 2016 as we celebrate 170th Anniversary of architectural education in Serbia:
Celebrating 170 Years of Higher Architectural Education