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Pozivamo Vas na poslednje predavanje u okviru programa Arhitektura. Utopija. Realizam. – AUR 2014/15: program gostujućih predavanja koje pripada tematskom ciklusu Film i Arhitektura i predstavlja više događaj nego izlaganje ex-katedra. Gost iz Italije, dr Marco Brizzi predstaviće svoje viđenje odnosa arhitekture i videa, čime se bavi već dugi niz godina, počevši od festivala Beyond Media održanog u Firenci 1997. godine.

dr Marco Brizzi: Arhitektura u doba videa?
Predavanje i filmski maraton

Reč je o promociji šireg razumevanja odnosa medija i arhitekture, sa posebnim fokusom na video.
Publikovanost arhitekture je tema.
Ovom prilikom biće predstavljena i Platforma Architecture Player.
Izlaganje ce pratiti diskusija o Arhitekturi, Filmu i Obrazovanju.
Prikazaćemo i kratki dokumentarni film u režiji Filipa Marinovića o beogradskom naselju Konjarnik.

U nastavku programa sledi arhitektonski filmski maraton sa oko 20 video zapisa o savremenim evropskim arhitektonskim ofisima.


Događaj pomogao Italijanski Institut za kulturu u Beogradu

Vreme i mesto

/Četvrtak, 04.06.2015. godine/
Predavanje sa diskusijom /14.15 – 16.15/
Filmski maraton /16.30 – 18.30/
/Univerzitet u Beogradu – Arhitektonski fakultet/
/Thursday, 04.06.2015/
Lecture and Discussion /14.15 – 16.15/
Film marathon /16.30 – 18.30/
/University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture/
Dr Marco Brizzi | photo © Francesco Ventura


Architecture in the Age of Video?

Aim of this lecture observe the way the realm of architectural design is exiting the intimate attitude that in history described its conception and development phases, while going more and more public, through videos. I will introduce the point of view that permitted me and Image to observe the emerging phenomena related to this attitude and I will also explain the reasons why we started the Beyond Media festival in Florence in 1997 and kept collaborating with many institutions to promote a wider understanding of relations between media and architecture that focus on video. Finally, I will also say something about our most recent action, with the Architecture Player platform.

Then, the video marathon will follow with works by several contemporary architecture offices from many countries that myself and my group have been observing in the last years. There will be two main topics. One is about houses and another about public spaces. The marathon will last something less than 2 hours and will show 20 videos.

A walk overlooking the Ocean, “Punta Pite” by Pablo Casals Aguirre, Architecture by Teresa Moller | Architecture Player


Marco Brizzi (1967), PhD, is architecture critic and curator. He teaches Architectural Design at California State University and Architecture and Media at Kent State University, both in Florence. He also teaches Theory and History of Design Communication at IUAV Venice/University of San Marino. He is founder and president of Image, a company whose aims are enhancing the design discourse by means of a promoting a wider knowledge of media issues in architecture.

Marco Brizzi curates Beyond Media, international festival for architecture and media, an event promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Florence, and the University of Florence. The festival has been observing since 1997 in Florence the the relations that exist and intertwine between architecture and media.

He is director of arch’it, online architectural magazine founded in 1995 whose publication lasted until 2011: the first and one of the most widely read Italian digital magazine on architecture. He is editor in chief of FFF, magazine devoted to design visions for the city of Florence which he founded together with Gianni Sinni.

In 2015, by wanting to share a wide collection of architecture videos and his personal experience on this specific kind of documents, he gave birth to the Architecture Player.

Marco Brizzi received prestigious acknowledgements and awards. He has been appointed as a juror in competition and prize juries, in Italy and abroad. He is advisor for the Mies van der Rohe Award. As director of “arch’it” he was finalist for the Golden Medal to criticism (2003) awarded by the Triennale di Milano.

“The Blade – Yongsan International Business District” by LUXIGON. Architecture by Dominique Perrault Architecture.